Series editor: Ellyssa Kroski, New York Law Institute, USA

TECH SET series editor Ellyssa Kroski brings you the field’s hottest tech gurus as they provide practical instructions and advice on everything from planning and development to marketing and metrics. Each title in the TECH SET series is a one-stop passport to an emerging technology written by the field’s hottest gurus. If you’re ready to start creating, collaborating, connecting and communicating through cutting edge tools and techniques, you’ll want to get primed by the TECH SET.

Drupal in Libraries   Drupal in Libraries
Ken Varnum

Drupal is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) that many libraries use to create well-designed, easy-to-use and manage websites. Go step-by-step through the decisions and tasks needed . . .

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Gaming in Libraries   Gaming in Libraries
Kelly Czarnecki

Whether gaming is already a crucial part of your library's core services or it's only just been introduced, this do-it-yourself new resource will give you the practical tools you need to organize, . . .

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Library Camps and Unconferences   Library Camps and Unconferences
Steve Lawson

More and more libraries are working to organize their own library camps or unconferences - open, friendly and refreshingly informal gatherings for librarians to unite, exchange ideas, and share knowledge. . . .

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Library Videos and Webcasts   Library Videos and Webcasts
Thomas Sean Casserley Robinson

Online video and imaging software gives you the opportunity to communicate with your library users 24/7 - but getting started can be intimidating. This book has the building blocks you need to effectively, . . .

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Microblogging and Lifestreaming in Libraries   Microblogging and Lifestreaming in Libraries
Robin M. Hastings

Microblogging and lifestreaming applications like Twitter, Tumblr, and FriendFeed are all around you and your users in everyday life. Robin M. Hastings presents a practical primer to help any library transform . . .

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Next-Gen Library Redesign   Next-Gen Library Redesign
Michael Lascarides

While technology has changed what we do and how we do it, the library's mission to provide users with the information they need has not changed. Part of the award-winning TECH SET series, Michael . . .

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Screencasting for Libraries   Screencasting for Libraries
Greg Notess

Part of the award-winning TECH SET series, this complete how-to guide offers proven tips and techniques for creating engaging screencasts and publishing them on the Web. Examples use various software . . .

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Semantic Web Technologies and Social Searching for Librarians   Semantic Web Technologies and Social Searching for Librarians
Robin Fay and Michael Sauers

There are trillions of bytes of information within the web, all of it driven by behind-the-scenes data. Vast quantities of information make it hard to find what's really important. Here's a practical . . .

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User Experience (UX) Design for Libraries   User Experience (UX) Design for Libraries
Aaron Schmidt and Amanda Etches

User experience (UX) characterizes how a person feels about using a product, system or service. UX design incorporates the practical aspects of utility, ease of use and efficiency to make your web design . . .

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