RDA and Cartographic Resources

Oct 2014 | 224pp

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RDA and Cartographic Resources

Paige G. Andrew, Susan M Moore and Mary Lynette Larsgaard

In order to ease through the RDA: Resource Description and Access transition, specialist cataloguers need information on managing the materials in their areas of responsibility. RDA and Cartographic Resources offers a vital summary and overview of how to catalogue cartographic resources using the new standard. 

Written by three expert cataloguers, this new book is rich with examples and sample records to illustrate each important aspect of the topic, including: 

  • an analysis of what will remain familiar from AACR2, and what is new and different in RDA
  • guidance for creating authorized geographic subject headings using Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Resources (FRBR) and Functional Requirements for Authority Data (FRAD)
  • a detailed examination of geographic subject headings and subdivisions.  

Readership: Designed for both practising map cataloguers and cataloguers new to cartographic resources, RDA and Cartographic Resources is a one-stop resource for all cataloguers of cartographic materials, especially those looking to understand the differences between cataloguing using AACR2 and cataloguing using RDA.

1. The Past Is Prologue 
2. RDA and FRBR Entities as Applied to Cartographic Resources: An Overview 
3. Comparing Standards: Continuing, Different, and Added Practices 
4. Navigating RDA to Describe Cartographic Resource Elements
5. Cartographic Resources Cataloging: Moving Forward Postscript


  • A. Image of Damietta Sheet from the Egypt 1:100,000 Series
  • B. Map Record Example Showing FRBR Relationship Entities Involved at the Field Level
  • C. RDA Checklist for Descriptive Elements
  • D. Examples of Correct Scale and Coordinates Notation in the 255 Field with Matching Examples in the 034 Field under AACR2 and RDA
  • E. 33X Content, Media, and Carrier Terms Examples Based on Different Kinds of Cartographic Resource
  • F. Digital Resources Notes: Comparing RDA Instruction Number with MARC Field Number
  • G. Sample Records for Different Cartographic Resources Types

'Provides solid guidance for map cataloguers of all levels…clearly written, detailed and easy to use.'
- Journal of The Australian and New Zealand Map Society

Paige G. Andrew is a Maps Cataloging Librarian at Penn State University Libraries.

Susan M. Moore is a Cataloging Librarian at the University of Northern Iowa.

Mary Larsgaard is Librarian Emeritus and former Assistant Head of the Map Library at the University of California.