Strategic Planning for Social Media in Libraries

Jun 2012 | 118pp

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Strategic Planning for Social Media in Libraries

Sarah Steiner

As we come to appreciate the opportunities that social media opens up, this practical guide, part of the award-winning TECH SET series, provides a scalable, step-by-step plan for creating and maintaining a successful library social media strategic plan.

You'll find detailed tips and advice on strategizing for social media services in a way that guides employee decision-making, maximizes efficiency, creates positive patron outcomes, protects against legal repercussions, and builds opportunities for flexibility, change, and new social media platform testing.

Author Sarah Steiner guides you through the key steps to build your strategic plan, including how to segment your audience, select a target audience, use focus groups and poll patrons, conduct a SWOT analysis to provide internal strength and support to your plan, and create a mission and vision plan for using social media.

Foreword - Ellyssa Kroski 
1. Types of Solutions Available 
2. Planning 
3. Social Mechanics 
4. Implementation 
5. Marketing 
6. Best Practices 
7. Metrics 
8. Developing Trends 
9. Recommended Reading

"Short in length but packed with content, Steiner's book walks the reader through the process of making a strategic plan flexible enough to allow for platform or policy change but specific enough to get results."
- Journal of Web Librarianship

"As expected, there is no shortage of good advice: start with a goal, not a platform; be clear about customer needs; measure community engagement as the ROI for social media participation…Steiner provides an annotated list of print and online references on planning and measuring social media, and closes with a four-page index."
- Australian Library Journal

"For the last few years, I’ve noted a shift toward incorporating social media into the mission and strategic plan of libraries. This title serves as a clear, logical roadmap for getting that done."
- Michael Stephens, San Jose State University, USA

Sarah Steiner is Social Work and Virtual Services Librarian at Georgia State University in Atlanta, USA.

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