Cloud Computing for Libraries

Jun 2012 | 138pp

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Cloud Computing for Libraries

Marshall Breeding

Cloud computing helps libraries shift away from owning and operating local servers to Web-based services.

Part of the award-winning TECH SET series. this book equips you with the information and practical advice needed to evaluate the many opportunities to take advantage of cloud computing. Author Marshall Breeding walks you through applications that empower you to use technology without the constraints of a locally supported infrastructure, and provides more in-depth information and examples of how to plunge directly into suitable projects by taking advantage of free services offered by the top cloud services providers.

Examples include using cloud-based supplemental storage, Google's suite of apps, Amazon's S3 and EC2 services to power your library website, and DuraCloud to host an online library media collection.

Foreword - Ellyssa Kroski 
1. Types of Solutions Available 
2. Planning 
3. Social Mechanics 
4. Implementation 
5. Marketing 
6. Best Practices 
7. Metrics 
8. Developing Trends 
9. Recommended Reading

"...an excellent overview of the subject and an enjoyable read"
- Australian Library Journal

"As most new library systems are shifting to the cloud the author is able to use the context of cloud computing to talk about modern library systems development and how libraries can adapt to these new systems. The author covers a lot of ground in this book but it never feels overwhelming. Unlike much material around cloud computing today the content in the book is very grounded and practical. The author’s in-depth knowledge of the topic shines through and provides a solid and engaging read. This book is very pertinent to modern libraries systems management and a highly recommended read for all library systems staff."
- Australian Academic & Research Libraries

Marshall Breeding is Director for Innovative Technologies and Research at Vanderbilt University Libraries and Executive Director at Vanderbilt Television News Archive, USA.

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