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Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals
Information retrieval
Interactive Information Seeking, Behaviour and Retrieval   Interactive Information Seeking, Behaviour and Retrieval
Ian Ruthven and Diane Kelly, editors
Price: £49.95
Price (to CILIP members): £39.96
ISBN: 978-1-85604-707-4

"This book is a must if one is a student or researcher new to information science and, in particular, to information retrieval (IR) interaction and multimedia research."
- Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology

"This is an interesting collection that deserves to  be adopted as a key text within information science courses. Award-winning, internationally renowned editors have enticed a number of experts, some with industry experience, to provide high-quality contributions. The solid chapters discussing core fields that make up its coverage –  information seeking, information behaviour,information retrieval – assure its place on reading lists. The editors have ensured new developments receive attention  but not at the expense of the essentials of the fields."
- Journal of Information Literacy

Information retrieval (IR) is a complex human activity supported by sophisticated systems. Information science has contributed much to the design and evaluation of previous generations of IR system development and to our general understanding of how such systems should be designed and yet, due to the increasing success and diversity of IR systems, many recent textbooks concentrate on IR systems themselves and ignore the human side of searching for information. This book is the first text to provide an information science perspective on IR.

Unique in its scope, the book covers the whole spectrum of information retrieval, including:

  • history and background
  • information behaviour and seeking
  • task-based information searching and retrieval
  • approaches to investigating information interaction and
  • behaviour
  • information representation
  • access models
  • evaluation
  • interfaces for IR
  • interactive techniques
  • web retrieval, ranking and personalization
  • recommendation, collaboration and social search
  • multimedia: interfaces and access.

Readership: Senior undergraduates and masters’ level students of all information and library studies courses and practising LIS professionals who need to better appreciate how IR systems are designed, implemented and evaluated.

2011; 320pp, paperback; 978-1-85604-707-4; £49.95

Also available as an eBook (ISBN: 978-1-85604-974-0)

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Table of Contents

Foreword - Tefko Saracevic
1. Interactive information retrieval: history and background - Colleen Cool and Nicholas J. Belkin
2. Information behavior and seeking - Peiling Wang
3. Task-based information searching and retrieval - Elaine G. Toms
4. Approaches to investigating information interaction and behaviour - Raya Fidel
5. Information representation - Mark D. Smucker
6. Access models - Edie Rasmussen
7. Evaluation - Kalervo Järvelin
8. Interfaces for information retrieval - Max Wilson
9. Interactive techniques - Ryen W. White
10. Web retrieval, ranking and personalization - Jaime Teevan and Susan Dumais
11. Recommendation, collaboration and social search - David M. Nichols and Michael B. Twidale
12. Multimedia: behaviour, interfaces and interaction - Haiming Liu, Suzanne Little and Stefan Rüger
13. Multimedia: information representation and access - Suzanne Little, Evan Brown and Stefan Rüger

Introduction to Modern Information Retrieval, 3rd edition   Introduction to Modern Information Retrieval, 3rd edition
G G Chowdhury
Price: £49.95
ISBN: 978-1-85604-694-7

An information retrieval (IR) system is designed to analyse, process and store sources of information and retrieve those that match a particular user's requirements. A bewildering range of techniques is . . .
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