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The Chief Data Officer's Playbook



The new and rapidly expanding role of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) is of significant interest and relevance to organisations and data professionals internationally. Written by two practicing CDOs, this book offers a jargon-free, practical guide to making better decisions based on data.
Content covered includes:

  • why does any organisation need a CDO?
  • the secret ingredients of the successful CDO
  • avoiding the hype cycle
  • building the CDO team
  • who leads the technology?
  • the CDO and data governance: enablement not red tape.

This book will offer key insight for CDOs looking to understand their position better, for aspiring CDOs and data officers looking at career progression, for those recruiting CDOs, and offers essential knowledge for anyone else operating in the current data environment.

1. Why does any organisation need a Chief Data Officer? 2. Secret ingredients of a Chief Data Officer 3. The first 100 days 4. Delivering a data strategy in the cauldron of BAU 5. Avoiding the hype cycle 6. Relating to the rest of the business, especially the C-Suite 7. The Chief Data Officer as a disruptor 8. Building the Chief Data Officer team 9. The next 300 days 10. The different generations of CDO's 11. What type of Chief Data Officer are you? 12. How to present yourself as a Chief Data Officer 13. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Data... 14. The Chief Data Officer and the technology 15. The hoarding mentality and how to break it 16. Data and information ethics 17. The Chief Data Officer and data governance 18. The data revolution 19. Advice to give business owners, CEO and the board 20. Conclusion'

Caroline Carruthers is the first Group Director for Data Management for the Lowell Group and previously was Network Rail's first Chief Data Officer. As a trustee for CILIP she champions the growing professionalism of the data and information related disciplines. Peter Jackson was the first Head of Data at The Pensions Regulator and then went on to be the first Chief Data Officer at Southern Water. Peter is driven by a strategic approach to data, and believes strongly in the value of demonstrating the 'art of possible' and expanding colleagues' understanding about data management, data technologies, data science and data governance.

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