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A Handbook for Corporate Information Professionals



This edited collection provides a cutting edge overview of issues of key concern for information professionals providing information services in corporate environments.
Corporate information professionals serving the workplace rather than learning communities or the general public face specific challenges and demands, from providing competitive intelligence to managing information in a global environment. International contributors working across a variety of sectors pinpoint the key topics facing the corporate information professionals today and share their experiences and expertise.
The key topics include:

  • how information professionals/libraries fit into the contemporary workplace
  • managing the corporate intranet
  • the role of the corporate librarian in internal and external marketing
  • gaining buy-in for corporate knowledge and information management
  • the hybrid librarian/systems specialist
  • managing staff and change in a difficult climate, and demonstrating value
  • managing information in a global firm; developing corporate taxonomies at a time of change
  • working with suppliers/licensing for elibraries
  • training end-users
  • competitive intelligence searching.

Readership: Experienced information professionals working in the corporate sector, including professional services firms, government, NGOs, commercial and industrial companies. The book should be useful to those with a high level of experience and/or seniority, wanting an overview on specific aspects of corporate information management, but will be accessible to more recent entrants to the workplace. It will also be of interest to students of librarianship and those applying for jobs within the sector, as well as the related professions of knowledge management, information architecture and intranet management.

1. The role of the information professional / librarian in the corporate workplace - Katharine Schopflin
2. Managing the corporate intranet - James Mullan 3. Internal and external marketing by information professionals - Shaunna Mireau
4. The hybrid librarian/systems specialist - Simon Barron and Linda-Jean Schneider
5. Developing corporate taxonomies - Helen Lippell
6. Gaining buy-in for knowledge and information management - Danny Budzak 7. Managing staff and demonstrating value at a time of change - Andrew Grave
8. Managing information services in a global corporation - Philip Weinberg
9. Working with suppliers and licensing for e-libraries - Tina Reynolds, Fiona Fogden and Linda-Jean Schneider
10. Training end-users in the workplace - Anneli Sarkanen and Katy Stoddard

Katharine Schopflin is a corporate information professional with more than 15 years' experience. She has worked in sectors including media, government and non-profit in roles ranging from research, web content management and knowledge management to cataloguing and archive management. She has published regularly in the information press and previously produced an edited collection for Facet, A Handbook for Media Librarians.

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