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Archives and Recordkeeping: Theory into practice


A groundbreaking text designed to simplify and demystify archival and recordkeeping theory and its role in modern day practice. Its great strength is in articulating the core principles and issues that shape the discipline but also the impact and relevance they have for the 21st century professional. It will outline and explore what practitioners do as well as why they do it and how critical this underlying rationale is to their success using an accessible approach. Key topics covered include: what is a record? nature and characteristics; appraisal and the value of archives; theoretical approaches to arrangement and description; the role of recordkeeping in society; the impact of philosophy and postmodernism; ethical issues. This is essential reading for students and educators in archives and recordkeeping and invaluable as a guide for practitioners who want to better understand and inform their day-to-day work. It is also a useful guide across related disciplines in the humanities such as history, philosophy and literary studies.
Introduction - Caroline Brown 1. Records and archives: concepts, roles and definition - Caroline Williams 2. Archival appraisal: practising on shifting sand - Anne J. Gilliland 3. Arrangement and description: between theory and practice - Jennifer Meehan 4. Ethics for archivists and records managers - Jeannette A. Bastian 5. Archives, memories and identities - Eric Ketelaar 6. Under the influence: the impact of philosophy on archives and records management - Rachel Hardiman 7. Participation vs principle: does technological change marginalize recordkeeping theory? - Alan R. Bell.

Caroline Brown is the Programme Leader and Honorary Lecturer for the archives programmes at the Centre for Archive and Information Studies, University of Dundee, where she is also Deputy Archivist. She is a Chair of Archives and Records Association (UK & Ireland's) Conference Committee, sits on its Professional Development Committee, having formerly served as the Chair of the Education, Training and Development Committee, and is a member of the Executive Committee for ARA Scotland. She is a sits on the Section Bureau of the International Council on Archives Section on Archival Education and is active in ICA/SUV . She is an Arts and Humanities Research Council Peer Review College and Panel Member and has written and spoken on a range of archival and recordkeeping issues. Recent publications include an article on memory in Archival Science and two editions of Archival Science for which she was guest editor.

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