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Archiving Websites: A Practical Guide for Information Management Professionals


This important book is the first to offer practical guidance to information management professionals seeking to implement web archiving programmes of their own. It is essential reading for those who need to collect and preserve specific elements of the web - from national domains or individual subject areas to an organization's own website. Drawing on the author's experience of managing the National Archives' web archiving programme, together with lessons learned from other international initiatives, this book provides a comprehensive overview of current best practice. It assumes only a basic understanding of IT and web technologies, but also offers much to more technically-oriented readers. Contents include: • the development of web archiving • selection policies • collection methods • quality assurance • preservation • delivery to users • optimizing websites for archiving • legislation • managing a web archiving programme • future trends. Readership: Written to address audiences from the whole spectrum of information management sectors, this book is vital reading for three types of reader: policy-makers, who need to make decisions about establishing or developing an institutional web archiving programme; information management professionals, who may be required to implement a web archiving programme; and website owners and web masters, who may be required to facilitate archiving of their own websites.
1. The development of web archiving 2. Selection 3. Collection methods 4. Quality assurance and cataloguing 5. Preservation 6. Delivery to users 7. Legal issues 8. Managing a web archiving programme 9. Future trends Appendix 1. Web archiving and preservation tools Appendix 2. Model permissions form Appendix 3. Model test script Appendix 4. Model issues log Appendix 5. Model job description.

Adrian Brown is the Director of the Parliamentary Archives and has lectured and published widely on all aspects of digital preservation. He was previously Head of Digital Preservation at the National Archives where his team won the International Digital Preservation Award in 2007.

"...a compact but thorough survey of the challenges of developing a web archiving programme and will repay reading by any librarian or information manager concerned about the long-term viability of the web-based information that is now our stock in trade."

The Electronic Library

"An excellent introduction to the technical issues of web archiving on a national scale"

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