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Community Archives, Community Spaces: Heritage, Memory and Identity



This book traces the trajectory of the community archives movement, expanding the definition of community archives to include sites such as historical societies, social movement organisations and community centres. It also explores new definitions of what community archives might encompass, particularly in relation to disciplines outside the archives.

Over ten years have passed since the first volume of Community Archives, and inspired by continued research as well as by the formal recognition of community archives in the UK, the community archives movement has become an important area of research, recognition and appreciation by archivists, archival scholars and others worldwide. Increasingly the subject of papers and conferences, community archives are now seen as being in the vanguard of social concerns, markers of community-based activism, a participatory approach exemplifying the on-going evolution of 'professional' archival (and heritage) practice and integral to the ability of people to articulate and assert their identity.

Community Archives, Community Spaces reflects the latest research and includes practical case studies on the challenges of building and sustaining community archives. This new book will appeal to practitioners, researchers, and academics in the archives and records community as well as to historians and other scholars concerned with community building and social issues.


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Introduction - Jeannette A. Bastian and Andrew Flinn


1 Archival optimism, or, how to sustain a community archives
Rebecka Taves Sheffield

2 Affective bonds: what community archives can teach mainstream institutions
Michelle Caswell

3 Community archives and the records continuum
Michael Piggott


4 Tuku mana taonga, tuku mana tāngata – Archiving for indigenouslanguage and cultural revitalisation: cross sectoral case studies from Aotearoa, New Zealand

Claire Hall and Honiana Love

5 Self-documentation of Thai communities: reflective thoughts on the Western concept of community archives
Kanokporn Nasomtrug Simionica

6 Popular music, community archives and public history online cultural justice and the DIY approach to heritage

Paul Long, Sarah Baker, Zelmarie Cantillon, Jez Collins and Raphaël Nowak

7 Maison d'Haïti's collaborative archives project: archiving a community of records
Désirée Rochat, Kristen Young, Marjorie Villefranche and Aziz Choudry

8 Indigenous archiving and wellbeing: surviving, thriving, reconciling

Joanne Evans, Shannon Faulkhead, Kirsten Thorpe, Karen Adams, Lauren Booker and Narissa Timbery

9 Community engaged scholarship in archival studies: documenting housing displacement and gentrification in a Latino community
Janet Ceja Alcalá

10 Post-x: community-based archiving in Croatia
Anne J. Gilliland and Tamara Štefanac


Jeannette A Bastian is Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Director of the Archives Management concentration at Simmons College, Boston.
Andrew Flinn is a Reader in Archival Studies and Oral History. He is the Director of the Archives and Records Management MA programme in the Department of Information Studies at University College London and was the chair of the UK and Ireland Forum for Archives and Records Management Education and Research (FARMER) between 2008 and 2011.

"This work encourages the practice of community archives in distinct contexts by centering an openness to adjustment of practices and priorities through relationships. A community archive is ever a model, never a mold."

The Library Quarterly

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