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Copyright: Interpreting the law for libraries, archives and information services


Cornish's Copyright is the standard work in its field and is indispensable for all librarians and information professionals who are looking for solutions to their copyright problems.
The book explains the provisions of the UK Copyright Act and supporting legislation in quick and easy question-and-answer form. This revised edition is fully updated to take into account all of the changes that have come into force since the 6th edition was published in 2015.
All types of material that may attract copyright are considered, including:

  • literary, dramatic and musical works
  • artistic works
  • sound recordings
  • films and video
  • broadcast
  • databases
  • computer programs and websites.

The text is amplified by the use of practical examples to illustrate complex points and complemented by a detailed index that enables the enquirer to pinpoint topics and proposed action quickly and accurately. The appendices provide helpful lists of addresses and selected further sources of information.
This book will be invaluable for all librarians, information professionals and students who are looking for solutions to their copyright problems.

1. Definition and law 2. What is covered by copyright 3. Rights and limitations 4. Literary, dramatic and musical works 5. Artistic works 6. Sound recordings 7. Films, videos and DVDs 8. Broadcasts 9. Databases 10. Licensing schemes 11. Computer programs, websites and the electronic world 12. Other matters

Graham P Cornish has worked in the field of copyright since 1983 and advised the British Library on copyright matters for 18 years. He has run workshops and seminars in many different sectors of the information industry. He now works as an independent advisor and trainer in all aspects of copyright under the label ©opyright Circle.
Facet Publishing have branded these titles as part of a wider 'Copyright Classics' series: a fitting term given how much the sector has come to rely on the guidance provided by these authors ... with significant amounts of experience dealing with copyright issues through practice, lobbying policy-makers, and providing training to the archive, library and information management sectors.

Archives and Records

Cornish makes copyright easier to understand and apply. A must for any library.

Library Management

A real timesaver for the general practitioner attempting to get a quick fix on the day-to-day issues that they may be bombarded with in the context of copyright.


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