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Digital Literacy Unpacked




Digital literacy is a powerful subject, which supports inclusivity, social mobility and digital citizenship globally. This book brings together thought-leaders and experts in the field, providing a blend of research and practice across sectors, and provides a valuable and timely insight into digital literacy and learning.

Digital Literacy Unpacked not only offers a snapshot of innovative approaches to digital literacy, but also intends to provoke discussion, encourage collaboration and inspire – whatever the role or context. The editors open up the whole area of digital literacy in all its kaleidoscopic richness, and provide diverse perspectives, content and ideas to inform thinking and practice.

The cross-sectoral and global significance of digital literacy is a key theme of the book. Digital literacy is relevant to higher education, further education, schools, children, and the workplace – but crucially at its heart it is a citizenship and inclusion issue, necessary for the full participation and achievement of all in society.

Content covered includes:

  • a discussion of terminology, institutional approaches, and existing frameworks
  • digital literacy in learning and teaching
  • copyright literacy
  • teaching the use of digital tools and curriculum design
  • critical approaches to literacy
  • combatting social exclusion using digital skills.

The book will be useful reading for library and information professionals across the sector (higher education, schools, business/corporate, special, public), institutional leaders and managers, and LIS students. It will also be useful reading for educational technologists, learning and teaching professionals.

Foreword - Rosie Jones
Introduction - Katharine Reedy and Jo Parker Part 1: Approaching digital literacy 1. The trouble with terminology: rehabilitating and rethinking 'Digital Literacy' - Jane Secker
2. Unpacking Digital Literacy: the potential contribution of central services to enabling the development of staff and student digital literacies - Joe Nicholls
3. Collaboration and coaching: powerful strategies for developing digital capabilities - Clare Killen Part 2: Learning in a digital world 4. Digital Literacy in UK and European Schools; enhancing school children's motivation to read for pleasure - Geoff Walton, Mark Childs, Vedrana Vojković Estatiev, Janet Hetherington and Gordana Jugo
5. Digital games: Providing unique digital literacy challenges in childhood - Dean Groom and Judy O'Connell
6. Students in the SADL: lessons from LSE's digital literacy programme - Jane Secker
7. Copyright and Digital Literacy – rules, risk and creativity - Chris Morrison Part 3: Developing staff digital literacies 8. D4 Curriculum Design Workshops: a model for developing digital literacy in practice - Liz Bennett and Sue Folley
9. #creativeHE: An animated Google+ platform for challenging practitioners to think differently - Chrissi Nerantzi and Norman Jackson 10. Developing library staff digital literacies - Charles Inskip Part 4: Digital citizens and workers 11. Digital literacy and open educational practice: Digilit Leicester - Josie Fraser and Katharine Reedy
12. Transforming the workplace through digital literacy - Bonnie Cheuk and Katharine Reedy
13. Critical digital literacy education in the 'fake news' era - Philip Seargeant and Caroline Tagg 14. Onwards! Why The Movement For Digital Inclusion Has Never Been More Important - Adam Micklethwaite Conclusion - Katharine Reedy and Jo Parker

Katharine Reedy is a digital literacy and learning design specialist at the Open University. She is a senior fellow of the Higher Education Academy and chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP). Jo Parker is a senior library manager at the Open University Library, with responsibility for developing digital and information literacy strategy. She is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and a fellow of the Leadership Foundation. She has co-edited two previous books for Facet Publishing.

'An exceptionally informative collection of contributed articles and essays by experts in the field, Digital Literacy Unpacked is a critically important addition to corporate, governmental, academic, and community library information technology collections and supplemental studies reading lists.'- Susan Bethany, Midwest Book Review

Midwest Book Review

'After reading this book, I wonder if the challenge to define digital literacy and where it fits alongside information literacy, media literacy and academic literacy is, in fact, necessary, because digital literacy could be the overarching concept for all the others. See if you agree. Highly recommended.'- Daniel Giddens, William Angliss Institute Learning Resource Centre, Journal of the Australian Library and Information Association

Journal of the Australian Library and Information Assocation

'The target audience seems to be primarily librarians, but I would argue that this book might be useful to those outside the discipline as well. With the emphasis on collaboration and relationship building, instructors could read and benefit from some of the case studies included and find willing partners in their libraries.'

The International Journal of Information, Diversity and Inclusion

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