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The Tech Set

Drupal in Libraries


Drupal is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) that many libraries use to create well-designed, easy-to-use and manage websites.
Go step-by-step through the decisions and tasks needed to develop and launch a Drupal-powered site and learn the advantages of the open source approach.
Part of the award-winning TECH SET series, this book offers hints and suggestions to work with your IT department, colleagues, and management as you develop your technical specifications. The implementation chapter guides you through installing Drupal, adding modules, developing your own themes (page layouts), and describes librarian created modules that have been shared with the community and can be downloaded and installed on anyone's site. You also get advice on marketing your site, best practices for project management and development, and measuring the success and impact of the site once it launches.

Foreword - Ellyssa Kroski
1. Types of Solutions Available
2. Planning
3. Social Mechanics
4. Implementation
5. Marketing
6. Best Practices
7. Metrics
8. Developing Trends
9. Recommended Reading

Ken Varnum is Web Systems Manager at the University of Michigan Library, USA.

"Ken Varnum has done a remarkable job pulling together the basics of the Drupal CMS into a readable, short, yet thorough, book."

Nina McHale (Arapahoe Library District, Colorado, USA)

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