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Know it All, Find it Fast: An A-Z Source Guide for the Enquiry Desk



There is a queue, the phone is ringing, the photocopier has jammed and your enquirer is waiting for a response. You are stressed and you can feel the panic rising. Where do you go to find the information you need to answer the question promptly and accurately?Answering queries from users is one of the most important services undertaken by library and information staff. Yet it is also one of the most difficult, least understood subjects. There are still very few materials available to help frontline staff - often paraprofessional - develop their reader enquiry skills. This award-winning sourcebook is an essential guide to where to look to find the answers quickly. It is designed as a first point of reference for library and information practitioners, to be depended upon if they are unfamiliar with the subject of an enquiry - or wish to find out more. It is arranged in an easily searchable, fully cross-referenced A-Z list of around 150 of the subject areas most frequently handled at enquiry desks.Each subject entry lists the most important information sources and where to locate them, including printed and electronic sources, relevant websites and useful contacts for referral purposes. The authors use their extensive experience in reference work to offer useful tips, warn of potential pitfalls, and spotlight typical queries and how to tackle them. This new edition has been brought right up-to-date with all sources checked for currency and many new ones added. The searchability is enhanced by a comprehensive index to make those essential sources even easier to find - saving you valuable minutes! Offering quick and easy pointers to a multitude of information sources, this is an invaluable reference deskbook for all library and information staff in need of a speedy answer, in reference libraries, subject departments and other information units.
Bob Duckett MA FCLIP was until his recent retirement Reference Librarian at Bradford Libraries, and is a member of the editorial board of Reference Reviews. He previously worked for Birmingham City Libraries, Croydon Borough Libraries and University of Wales Libraries. Peter Walker BSc DipLIS MCLIP is a Librarian at Bradford Central Libraries, where he has special responsibility for developing electronic information sources. He previously worked in HMSO Bookshops. Christinea Donnelly BA(Hons) MLib is Development Officer for Young People's Services at Bradford Libraries. She has worked for the Ministry of Defence, CCTA, Hounslow Public Libraries, Leicestershire Public Libraries and a City Merchant Bank.
"This book should still be kept at hand by everyone providing an enquiry service." - Update "…there is much to treasure in this new edition of KIAFIF and it is an essential source for anyone dealing with enquiries. Buy it if you have not already done so." - Refer "Know It All, Find It Fast remains a book to be kept to hand, not on the reference shelf…The word "essential" is often over-used by reviewers, but it covers this book..." - Reference Reviews

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