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Management Basics for Information Professionals



Since its initial publication this text has served as an essential resource for both LIS students and practitioners. Journal of Hospital Librarianship deemed it 'a librarian's dream… very forward-thinking.' The new fourth edition offers an updated, comprehensive examination of the myriad of basic skills effective library managers must exercise throughout their careers.

Throughout, G.Edward Evans and new co-author Stacey Greenwell pay close attention to management in 'new normal' straitened economic conditions and the pervasive impact of technology on a library manager's role.

Coverage includes:

  • a new focus on how being in the public/non-profit sector influences the application of management basics such as planning, accountability, trust and delegation, decision-making, principles of effective organizational communication, fostering change and innovation, quality control, and marketing
  • the managerial environment, organizational skill sets, the importance of a people-friendly organization, and legal issues
  • key points on leadership, team-building, and human resource management
  • budget, resource, and technology management
  • management ethics, with a lengthy discussion of why ethics matter and
  • tips for planning a library career, with a look at the work/life debate.

This book, to quote Australian Library Journal, is 'a recommended text for library science students, but is also an excellent source of information for career librarians wanting to refresh their knowledge of library management in a fast-moving information services environment.'

List of Illustrations Preface
Part 1 Background Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Environmental Issues Chapter 3 Legal Issues Chapter 4 Leadership Chapter 5 Ethics
Part II Managerial Functions Chapter 6 Accountability, Authority, Power, and Delegation Chapter 7 Vision, Mission, and Planning Chapter 8 Assessment, Quality Control, and Operations Chapter 9 Decision Making Chapter 10 Change Management Chapter 11 Communication Chapter 12 Advocacy and Marketing
Part III Managing People Chapter 13 Staffing Chapter 14 Enhancing Performance Chapter 15 Managing Diversity Chapter 16 Motivating Staff
Part IV Managing Things Chapter 17 Managing Money Chapter 18 Income Generation Chapter 19 Managing Technology Chapter 20 Managing Facilities
Part V Managing Yourself and Your Career Chapter 21 Other Managerial Skills Chapter 22 Creating Your Career
About the Authors Index

G. Edward Evans PhD is an award-winning author and Fulbright Scholar. He has been an administrator, researcher, teacher, and writer with extensive administrative experience in private academic libraries such as Harvard University and Loyola Marymount University. Throughout his career he held a Fulbright Fellowship in librarianship as well as a National Science Foundation Fellowship in archaeology. As a researcher, he has published in both anthropology and librarianship, teaching in both fields in the USA and Scandinavia. Dr Evans spends his retirement years doing professional writing and volunteering at the Museum of Northern Arizona, where he serves on the Foundation board for the Flagstaff City-Coconino County Library System.
Stacey Greenwell EdD is a Fellow of the Special Libraries Association and a standing committee member for the Education and Training Section of IFLA. She is a standing member of the Programme Committee for the European Conference on Information Literacy (ECIL). A frequent conference presenter, Dr Greenwell has taught an academic libraries course for the iSchools at Syracuse University and the University of Kentucky. She has served the University of Kentucky Libraries since 2001, as associate dean for academic affairs and research, head of the Information Commons, and head of Desktop Support.

'Yet the book ensures that there is a wealth of targeted reading material signposted at appropriate points – the majority of which is tailored and specific to the library environment....In this respect and many others, the expertise of Evans and Greenwell is clearly visible throughout, making Management Basics for Information Professionals an excellent resource for those looking for a general and wide-ranging introduction, or as a jumping-off point for more in-depth research.'

University College Dublin Library

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