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Providing Effective Library Services for Research



The information needs of researchers and the ways in which the quality of information provision can be enhanced for researchers are currently a focus of attention globally, and are major priorities for higher education. Researchers rely on libraries to provide the information they need; equally, supporting research is a fundamental reason for libraries' existence. This book explores the crucial relationship between libraries and researchers, focusing on developing and managing effective library services to support research, and includes the authentic voices of researchers surveyed. The text considers the issues in a wider strategic context: who researchers are, their information-seeking behaviour, the resources required to support research, and the current LIS response.This title covers key topics such as: supporting research and researchers - some perspectives; current challenges for libraries and research support; defining research and researchers; collection management; the researcher's toolkit - resources; services to facilitate research; the information-literate researcher; facing the future - key challenges; and, key principles for research support. This book will inform and advise all those who work with researchers in libraries, combining practical advice with an exploration of fundamental issues relating to the relationship between research and libraries. It is essential reading for all who work in academic and research libraries, and will be of particular value to newly qualified and practising liaison and research support librarians.
1. Supporting research and researchers: some perspectives 2. Current challenges for libraries and research support 3. Defining research and researchers 4. Collection management 5. The researcher's toolkit: resources 6. Services to facilitate research 7. The information-literate researcher 8. Facing the future: key challenges 9. Key support for supporting research.
Jo Webb MA MLib MBA FHEA FRSA MCLIP is a National Teaching Fellow and Academic Services Manager at De Montfort University in Leicester. Pat Gannon-Leary BA MA PhD is Research Associate, Learning and Teaching Support, at the University of Northumbria. Moira Bent MA BSc PGDip FHEA FRSA MCLIP is a National Teaching Fellow and Science Faculty Liaison Librarian at the Robinson Library, Newcastle University.
"This book is more than just a guide to providing effective library services for research. It suceeds in setting up issues for debate while moving well beyond scholarly deliberation, bringing in voices and experiences of those working in the field today." - Information World Review "In fact, I enjoyed all the quotations which are liberally scattered throughout this book. One was left with the impression at the end - that this simply was a labour of love for all involved." - MMIT "Every profession needs to understand its clientele. Rarely does library literature do so as successfully as the authors of this unexpected little gem." - Australian Library Journal

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