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The Tech Set

Semantic Web Technologies and Social Searching for Librarians



There are trillions of bytes of information within the web, all of it driven by behind-the-scenes data. Vast quantities of information make it hard to find what's really important. Here's a practical guide to the future of web-based technology, especially search. It provides the knowledge and skills necessary to implement semantic web technology.
You'll learn how to start and track trends using social media, find hidden content online, and search for reusable online content, crucial skills for those looking to be better searchers. In this highly practical guide, part of the award-winning TECH SET series, the authors explain how to explore data and statistics through WolframAlpha, create searchable metadata in Flickr, and give meaning to data and information on the web with Google's Rich Snippets. Let Robin Fay and Michael Sauers show you how to use tools that will awe your users with your new searching skills.

Foreword - Ellyssa Kroski 1. Types of Solutions Available 2. Planning 3. Social Mechanics 4. Implementation 5. Marketing 6. Best Practices 7. Metrics 8. Developing Trends 9. Recommended Reading

Robin M. Fay is Head of Database Maintenance at University of Georgia Libraries, USA
Michael P. Sauers is Technology Innovation Librarian at Nebraska Library Commission, USA.

"This is another title in the excellent Tech Set series, jointly written by a database expert from the University of Georgia Libraries and a 'technology innovation librarian' at the Nebraska Library Commission. And it certainly delivers on the series editor's promise to: 'explain the principles behind the Semantic Web, how you can structure your own data for better retrieval by today's semantic search engines, and the secrets of finding hidden content online'."

Australian Library Journal

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