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The KM Cookbook: Stories and strategies for organisations exploring Knowledge Management Standard ISO30401



The KM Cookbook serves up a menu of success stories and strategies for organizations wanting to know more about Knowledge Management Standard ISO30401 – whether they intend to pursue certification, or simply seek to use it as a framework to review their existing programme and strategy.

The arrival of an internationally agreed standard and vocabulary, imbues fresh professional credibility to the field of Knowledge Management. Moving it on from a street food market of disparate approaches, it provides knowledge managers with a brand-new kitchen, and a moment during which they can pause and consider the service that they provide to their organisations.

The KM Cookbook uses the metaphor of the restaurant, its cuisine, owner, chef, staff, ingredients, menu-planners, customers – and a restaurant critic, to serve up ISO 30401 on a plate for the readers.

The second half of the book illustrates aspects of the standard by exploring sixteen different examples of KM in practice around the world, through the reflections of their own 'KM chefs'. Case studies include: General Electric, World Bank, USAID, Schlumberger, PROCERGS, Médecins Sans Frontières, Transport for London, International Olympic Committee, TechnipFMC, Linklaters, Syngenta, Defence Science & Technology Laboratory, Financial Conduct Authority, Petroleum Development Oman, Saudi Aramco and MAPNA.

This book will be invaluable for CKOs, CIOs, CEOs and knowledge and information managers seeking to gain professional recognition for their function and to review their approach within a new framework.

Table of Contents

List of illustrations


About the book

Explaining the metaphor

Part I A new way to cook?

1 A new kitchen

2 What kind of restaurant?

3 The role of the restaurateur

4 The skilled chef

5 Getting some help: the staff

6 Understanding the ingredients

7 The restaurant critic: what to expect in an audit

8 Planning the menu: the KM Chef's Canvas

9 The KM chef's specials: taster menu

Part II Menus to savour

Introduction: how to read the menus

The Americas

10 The World Bank: Knowledge Management and machine learning

Narrated by Margot Brown and Vivek Sharma

11 Knowledge Management in General Electric: leading-edge communities

Narrated by Dan Ranta

12 Beyond KM: Collaborating, Learning and Adapting (CLA) in USAID

Narrated by Piers Bocock and Stacey Young

13 Knowledge Management in Schlumberger: 'Eureka!'

Narrated by Susan Rosenbaum and Alan Boulter

14 PROCERGS Brazil: using knowledge and innovation to make government more efficient

Narrated by Luciana Menezes and José Jaeger


15 The Olympic Games: Knowledge Management and learning pathways

Narrated by Chris Payne

16 Médecins Sans Frontières: knowledge without borders?

Narrated by Robin Vincent-Smith

17 Transport for London (TfL), UK: learning to be world-class

Narrated by Liz Hobbs

18 Syngenta: leaping into networks and cultural KM

Narrated by Nicola Thomson

19 Linklaters: knowledge, value-add and innovation

Narrated by Rachel Manser and Ian Rodwell

20 Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (Dstl), UK: guarding against organisational amnesia

Narrated by Dominic Davies

21 Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), UK: using knowledge to improve detection

Narrated by Christine Astaniou

Middle East

22 Creating value in Oman: KM in Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)

Narrated by Hank Malik

23 Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia: identifying, extracting and regenerating the wells of knowledge

Narrated by Tony Melendez


24 MAPNA, Iran: the role of KM in designing and implementing world-scale projects

Narrated by Dr Mohsen Hamedi

KM in mergers and acquisitions – take-away chapter

25 TechnipFMC, France, UK and USA: agile KM in a newly merged organisation

Narrated by Kim Glover

Endings and beginnings


Interview questions

The restaurant critic (Chapter 7)

Knowledge Management in Schlumberger (Chapter 13)

Transport for London (Chapter 17)

Saudi Aramco (Chapter 23)

MAPNA (Chapter 24)


Chris Collison is a bestselling business author, consultant and internationally recognised expert in Knowledge Management. He has served over 140 client organisations around the world, ranging from the World Bank to the International Olympic Committee, UK Government and several business schools.
Paul Corney is a globally recognised KM figure, a member of the BSI KM Standards Committee that helped craft the ISO KM Standards and an acclaimed author. With a background in KM stretching back to 1994 as an advisor and business head, he has led assignments in more than 25 countries.
Patricia Lee Eng served as the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Senior Advisor for Knowledge Management where she created and managed NRC's KM programme saving over 57 million dollars in two years. A highly regarded expert inspector/ auditor for safety and quality, she is co-author of two KM books, a certified ISO 9001 QMS Auditor, and the first certified ISO Auditor for KM programmes.

'Firstly, the KM Cookbook provides valuable practical guidance on how to respond to the new KM standard ISO 30401:2018 Knowledge management systems – Requirements which was published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) at the end of 2018...Secondly, the KM Cookbook provides guidance in regard to the "how" of KM in a way that recognises not just the diversity of organisational circumstances, but the distinctive characteristics of knowledge.'

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