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The Qualitative Landscape of Information Literacy Research: Perspectives, Methods and Techniques


The Qualitative Landscape of Information Literacy Research: Perspectives, Methods and Techniques describes the approaches taken by qualitative researchers to investigate information literacy, identifying the core qualitative approaches applied in the research of information literacy and including more specialist and innovative applications. Qualitative research has the capacity to move information literacy research to deeper analytical levels and open up new spaces for enquiry about the conditions that shape the practice and arrangements through which the practices emerges. The book includes coverage of:

o theory and key concepts of information literacy

o social theory framework and their application to information literacy research

o exploration of the pedagogical frameworks that inform information literacy

o a range of qualitative methods that shape information literacy research

o data collection techniques

o research design.

This book will be of value to information literacy researchers; for students who are developing or undertaking research or simply interested in identifying socially oriented approaches to information literacy; and for practitioners who want to investigate the complexity of information literacy practice in order to create an evidence base to scaffold the development or growth information literacy programs in their workplaces, institutions or organisations. Practitioners and students who are new to information literacy research and its application will find this book a useful tool to help them evaluate and understand the qualitative framing of information literacy research.

Professor Annemaree Lloyd is a social science researcher based at the Department of Information Studies, University College, London (UCL), where she holds a Chair of the Department. She is also a visiting Professor in Swedish School of Library and Information Science, University of Boräs, Sweden and Professor in the School of Computing and Information Sciences, University of Strathclyde.

Annemaree is engaged with theoretical and empirical work associated with the development of information practice, information literacy theory and landscape methodology across a number of fields. In the workplace, her research has focused on the experience of learning working practice and performance; in the area of refugee and forced migration her research has focused on impact of information literacy on social inclusion and transition; in the health field, Annemaree has explored nurse's workplace learning and health literacy in relation to refugee knowledge construction and information practices of people with chronic illness.

Annemaree is the author of Information literacy landscapes: Information literacy in education, workplace and everyday life (Chandos, 2010) and has published over 100 book chapters and peer reviewed journal articles on information literacy theory and practice.

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