This peer-reviewed monograph series supports the vision of the iSchools and creates authoritative sources of information for research and scholarly activities in information studies. Each book in the series addresses a specific aspect or emerging topic of information studies and provides a state-of-the-art review of research in the chosen field. These volumes address the issues, challenges and progress of research and practice.

The series is overseen by an editorial board and each title is edited by recognized experts in the field and peer-reviewed by members of the board.

Editorial board:

Harry Bruce, Dean, iSchool, University of Washington, USA

Fabio Crestani, Department of Computer Science, University of Lugano, Switzerland

Schubert Foo, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Social Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Jonathan Furner, Department of Information Studies (iSchool), UCLA, USA

Edie Rasmussen, Head of Research, iSchool, University of British Columbia, Canada

Ian Ruthven, Head, Computer and Information Sciences Department, Strathclyde, UK

Michael Seadle, Dean, iSchool, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany

Shigeo Sugimoto, GSLIS, University of Tsukuba, Japan

Peter Willett, iSchool, University of Sheffield, UK

Dorothy Williams, Director, Institute for Management Governance and Society (IMAGES) Research Institute, Robert Gordon University, UK